MH370 and a Glitch in the Matrix

Link It’s hard to believe the MH370 flight vanished almost two years ago without a trace. However, the hunt continues and the search committee has found a “new” shipwreck off the western coast of Australia.

Now, "new" is surrounded by quotations in the above sentence for a few reasons…

1) The shipwreck is reportedly 200 years old.

But wait, there’s more!

2) The Astonishing Legends Podcast reported on what may be the same ship, or, at the very least, is in a similar location. Here’s the link if you think we’re pulling your leg.

The original shipwreck found back in May was "previously unknown". It was detected thanks to an underwater vehicle which picked up on some strange objects about 621 miles off the coast of Western Australia. The wreck was previously uncharted and was to be given to marine archaeologists in hopes they could identify it.

The "new" shipwreck found has been dated (about the 19th century) and "little" is known about it...which begs the question, how could they date this wreck and not the other?

Like the other wreck, this was also found in a remote part of the Indian Ocean off the western coast of Australia.

Even if it is not the same wreck, it is in a very similar location to the one reported on a few months ago. Why has the press not picked up on this yet?

Did Astonishing Legends just discover a "new" kind of Bermuda Triangle, a glitch in the matrix, or just some lousy reporting? That, dear readers, is up for you to decide.


The image is not related to the above shipwrecks, but Flickr User Serena Livingston, it is licensed under Creative Commons, additionally her work can be found on her website.