More than Flowers in the Garden

Weekend Renters at a Parisian Airbnb get a little more than they bargained for in the backyard. Link

French authorities are currently investigating the death of a woman whose corpse was found in the garden of an Airbnb rental in suburban Paris.

According to the deputy prosecutor for Evry, Bertrand Daillie, a group of young people were renting the house for the weekend and discovered the badly decomposed body in the unfenced forest on the property. The corpse had been covered by tree branches that were deliberately placed there.

The woman, who remains unidentified, was in the early forties, was wearing clothing, but without a winter jacket or winter accessories.

The house belongs to a family of seven who were vacationing in another region for a few days. They returned Wednesday and were questioned by police.

The autopsy on Monday did not establish cause of death, but did confirm that the death took place one or more months ago.

The listing has since been removed from Airbnb.


The above picture is not related to the story and was taken by Flickr User Dave Walker and it is licensed under Creative Commons.