The American Government & Remote Viewing

Link to Original Article  Edwin May, the scientist who was previously running the government's ESP (extrasensory perception) program before its demise in 1995 told Newsweek that ESP has, “already been proved”. Seem a bit shocking? We thought so, too.

But May is not the only government employee that supports this research. Former Senator William Cohen spoke positively of the ESP research saying, “I was impressed with the concept of remote viewing,” this comment was sent to Newsweek via email.

So, what is remote viewing? It’s the practice of seeing impressions of a distant or even invisible/unseen target with subjective means, namely ESP. Many considering remote viewing a pseudoscience, but clearly Edwin May and William Cohen, both prominent members of the government at one time, would disagree.

The study of Remote viewing was related to the Stargate Project, which was a $20 million dollar research program begun in 1975 by the US government in an attempt to discover if there was any credence to the possibilities of remote viewing and ESP.

As previously mentioned, the program was terminated in 1995. However, Mr. May has continued experimenting with ESP and remote viewing despite the lack of support from the government.


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