Ep 103: Resurrection Mary Part 2

Detail of some of the stained glass at the main mausoleum at Resurrection Cemetery, Justice, IL, from the website, fantasyglass.net, where they list it as one of the "5 Best Stained Glass Pieces in the U.S."  From the website's listing: "Resurrection Cemetery is home to the largest stained glass window in the world. It is over 22,000 square feet and contains over 2,000 panels. It was created by Pickel Studio. At night the cemetery sometimes backlights the mausoleum and it looks stunning."


“And I didn’t see a face, it was just like...black there.  She had no face.”
Mark Rudnicki, eyewitness to "Resurrection Mary" from an exclusive interview in tonight’s episode.


LOCATION: Resurrection Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleums, in the town of Justice, IL, southwest of Chicago, IL.  From the Willowbrook Ballroom (recently burned down) all the way along Archer Avenue leading to the cemetery is where most of the sightings of "Resurrection Mary" have occurred.



As you delve into the legend of "Resurrection Mary," you'll soon notice that the stretch of Archer Avenue from Resurrection Cemetery to the Willowbrook Ballroom is not the only piece of land that seems haunted, nor is it haunted just by "Mary."  It seems the entire locality has a supernatural quality to it, enough that Chicago's "Southwest Siders" have dubbed it "The Archer Triangle," in reference to the more famous one near Bermuda.  But what is it about this region that spurs so many reports of paranormal activity?  Is it the legacy of ancient Native American activity, the numerous cemeteries located here, or Ley lines and waterways?  Is it all an imagined coincidence or is there a more sinister force at play?  Tonight, we take a more thorough look at Mary's favorite haunts and examine why the spirits of the area appear to be so restless.  


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