Ep 104: Resurrection Mary Part 3


“She didn’t put her thumb out or nothing like that.  She just looked at my cab….she was a looker. A blonde.  I didn’t have any ideas or like that; she was young enough to be my daughter.  Twenty-one tops.” – An anonymous Taxi driver who went by "Ralph," after encountering Mary in 1979 as told to Chicago Suburban Tribune columnist Bill Geist


LOCATION: Resurrection Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleums, in the town of Justice, IL, southwest of Chicago, IL.  From the Willowbrook Ballroom (recently burned down) all the way along Archer Avenue leading to the cemetery is where most of the sightings of "Resurrection Mary" have occurred.



How many reported sightings of a particular ghost would it take before you started to believe that perhaps people were indeed interacting with something supernatural?  Hundreds?  Over a thousand?  But you're looking for proof, you say.  Well, what would be convincing proof for you? What about mysterious, spectral handprints melted and scorched into bronze bars that have resisted repair and coverup?  Tonight in Part Three of our series, we examine the possibility that Mary may have left her indelible mark not only on the front gates of Resurrection Cemetery but also in the imaginations of Chicagoans ever since.  


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