Ep 105: Resurrection Mary Part 4

Photo of the "Madonna of Bachelor's Grove" taken on August 10, 1991, by Judy Huff-Felz during an investigation of the Bachelor's Grove Cemetery by Dale Kaczmarek's Ghost Research Society.  Ms. Huff-Felz was using a 35mm Olympus camera with auto-wind loaded with infrared film, and a 35mm telephoto lens.  From a 2013 article by Ursula Bielski on ChicagoHauntings.com 


“Of the 28 versions in which the driver learns that the hitch-hiker suffered a violent death, thirteen are automobile accidents and in ten of these the girl or woman was killed precisely at the spot where she was picked up.”  – From "The Vanishing Hitchhiker" by Richard K. Beardsley and Rosalie Hankey, California Folklore Quarterly, October 1942


LOCATION: Resurrection Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleums, in the town of Justice, IL, southwest of Chicago, IL.  From the Willowbrook Ballroom (recently burned down) all the way along Archer Avenue leading to the cemetery is where most of the sightings of "Resurrection Mary" have occurred.



If Resurrection Mary is just an Urban Legend, merely another variation of the "Vanishing Hitchhiker" then her story is a common one, with similar descriptions found in folklore all over the world.  If she is a spirit, then she's also not alone, because it seems people of every country have come forward with testimony of meeting a real "Lady in White."  If these ladies are a myth, or if they're real, or some combination of both, why are they so universally elemental?  Why is she so primal?  Do we see her because of the folklore, or is there folklore because we've seen her?  But whether spirits or an archetypal legend, what these women are eternally searching for is something lost, like a child or a future taken away too soon.  What they want is to return to a happier time when all was right with their world, to return home, wherever and whatever that home may be, so they may finally rest in peace.  


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