Ep 142: The Patterson-Gimlin Film Part 4

Above Image: Dr. Grover Krantz, a physical anthropologist specializing in Evolutionary Anthropology and Primatology holding up a Bigfoot cast. At first a skeptic of the Patterson-Gimlin film, after careful examination of it became one of the film’s leading proponents. Photo credit: CHUCK STOODY/ASSOCIATED PRESS


“To make sense of Bigfoot as a phenomenon, we have to try to understand why it persists. If Bigfoot is not an animal but an invention, how do human actors keep the legend going, generation after generation?”

– Anthropologist David Daegling from his 2004 book, Bigfoot Exposed: An Anthropologist Examines America's Enduring Legend.



It's easy for the uninformed, casual observer to make a declaration on a website's Comments Section, but what do the experts think about the Patterson-Gimlin Film? If we look to science to provide answers about the subject in the PGF, then we should consider the evaluations of physical anthropologists who specialize in primate morphology and authorities in biomechanics and bipedal locomotion. Fortunately, the academics and costume professionals who did weigh in ignored the gossip about character and focused only on the film. Unfortunately, most of the scientific community wouldn't bother giving the film any consideration and those that were asked to, dismissed it outright after limited viewing with no careful examination. What's interesting is that the few scientists who did analyze the film thoroughly and gave a favorable conclusion did so with a detailed report, while those that were doubtful about its authenticity had more superficial observations or disagreements about the other scientists' findings. This is to say there doesn't appear to be a point-by-point scientific argument disproving the creature's existence. Perhaps the most widely acceptable objective scientific review is akin to anthropologist David J. Daegling's assessment, generalized as, although the film's subject is compelling, the possibility of a hoax cannot be ruled out. But if it is a hoax, then the film must show a human in a suit, which then leads to the question, how could such a convincing costume be fabricated, especially by a layman? For that answer, who better to ask than the professionals in that field, the Film and TV Special Effects creature creators? Please join us for the fourth installment of our series on the PGF as we hear from the experts.



Researchers have re-located the site where Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin had their encounter with “Patty” the Sasquatch, on the banks of Bluff Creek around 1:30 p.m. on Friday, October 20, 1967. Bluff Creek is a tributary of the Klamath River, about 25 logging-road miles northwest of the town of Orleans, in Del Norte County California. GPS coordinates provided by BIGFOOT’S bLOG website.


Reference Links:


Film Scans and Composites from Bill Munns

The following are scans of frames, composites and charts from Reels 1 and 2 of Roger Patterson’s footage, put together by Bill Munns, which can be found on his website here: http://www.themunnsreport.com/tmr_v2_design_005.htm All images copyrighted, for research purposes only.

A composite of #1 and #2 Panorama Composites, pieced together by Bill Munns

PGF Reel One Panorama #1

PGF Reel One Panorama #2

PGF Reel One Panoramas 3, 4 and 5

PGF Reel One Panorama #6

Head Shape Sequence Chart

Reference Chart #3 – Foot Walk Sequence

Composite scans of Jim McClarin walking Patty’s estimated path. Film copyright 1968 from John Green’s original footage, scans by Bill Munns, January 31, 2009. For research only.


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