The Witches of East End

Ep 72: Richard Hatem, Screenwriter of The Mothman Prophecies


"What do you look like?"

"It depends on who's looking."

Richard Gere's character, John Klein questioning the interdimensional being, Indrid Cold, from the 2002 motion picture, The Mothman Prophecies


Point Pleasant, West Virginia, where locals reported seeing an otherworldly creature, who would later become dubbed as the "Mothman." John Keel's investigation into the incidents would later become a book as well as a motion picture.



Tonight we have a conversation with screenwriter and producer Richard Hatem, known for such Motion Picture and Television projects as The Mothman Prophecies, Under Siege 2: Dark TerritoryGrimm, Damien, Supernatural, Witches of East End, The Gates and many, many others.  We discuss with Rich his approach to adapting John Keel's book, The Mothman Prophecies for the Big Screen, the larger concepts surrounding the events, his life-long interest in the paranormal and supernatural, as well as a lot of other cool stuff.  


Related Books:

The Mothman Prophecies
Starring Richard Gere, Debra Messing, Shane Callahan, David Eigenberg, Ron Emanuel
By John A. Keel
Our Haunted Planet
By John A. Keel
Disneyland of the Gods
By John Keel

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