West Virginia

Ep 116: Small Town Monsters


“At that time, there was an adult crowd that took the whole satanic religion seriously.  Anything from teachers to possible law enforcement people being involved.  Yeah I guess some of their get-togethers from this one location were quite involved.  People would show up from around the world.” 

–  John Fredrickson, former Walworth County, Wisconsin Animal Control Officer, paraphrased from Seth Breedlove’s new film, The Bray Road Beast.



Many small towns across America and all over the world have experienced their own unique "monsters" and have claimed them as part of their identity.  



We met filmmaker Seth Breedlove at the Kent Stage for the 2018 Kent Paranormal Weekend symposium, where our first event was a screening of his film, The Mothman of Point Pleasant.  Needless to say, we were very impressed by his documentary on the subject and then later by Seth himself.  After a very pleasant chat in the lobby, we knew we had met a kindred spirit and had to get him on the show to discuss other works by his film production company, Small Town Monsters.  Tonight we discuss Seth's oeuvre of well-researched, fascinating and enjoyable documentaries, covering such topics as the Minerva Monster, the Beast of Whitehall, the Boggy Creek monster, Mothman of Point Pleasant, Invasion on Chestnut Ridge, the Flatwoods Monster, and his latest, The Bray Road Beast, as well as several upcoming projects.  We'll find out what captivates him about each incident and the creatures at their centers, what it was like to actually explore these towns, and what he thinks might be happening with all this High Strangeness.  


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Episode 116: Small Town Monsters.  Produced by Scott Philbrook & Forrest Burgess; Audio Editing by Sarah Vorhees Wendel; Ryan McCullough Sound Design; Research Assistance by Tess Pfeifle and the astonishing League of Astonishing Researchers, a.k.a. The Astonishing Research Corps, or "A.R.C." for short. Copyright 2018 Astonishing Legends Productions, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Ep 72: Richard Hatem, Screenwriter of The Mothman Prophecies


"What do you look like?"

"It depends on who's looking."

Richard Gere's character, John Klein questioning the interdimensional being, Indrid Cold, from the 2002 motion picture, The Mothman Prophecies


Point Pleasant, West Virginia, where locals reported seeing an otherworldly creature, who would later become dubbed as the "Mothman." John Keel's investigation into the incidents would later become a book as well as a motion picture.



Tonight we have a conversation with screenwriter and producer Richard Hatem, known for such Motion Picture and Television projects as The Mothman Prophecies, Under Siege 2: Dark TerritoryGrimm, Damien, Supernatural, Witches of East End, The Gates and many, many others.  We discuss with Rich his approach to adapting John Keel's book, The Mothman Prophecies for the Big Screen, the larger concepts surrounding the events, his life-long interest in the paranormal and supernatural, as well as a lot of other cool stuff.  


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The Mothman Prophecies
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By John A. Keel
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By John Keel

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Episode 72: Richard Hatem, Screenwriter of The Mothman Prophecies.  Produced by Scott Philbrook & Forrest Burgess; Audio Editing by Sarah Vorhees; Ryan McCullough Sound Design; Research Assistance by Tess Pfeifle and the astonishing League of Astonishing Researchers, a.k.a. The Astonishing Research Corps, or "A.R.C." for short. Copyright 2017 Astonishing Legends Productions, LLC. All Rights Reserved.