Mysterious Severed Feet Continue to Wash Up in the Pacific Northwest

Driftwood, sea glass, and, apparently, feet are all things you can now expected to wash ashore if you're in the Pacific Northwest. link

Over fifteen detached human feet, many still with a shoe on, have been found since 2007 in British Columbia, Canada, and Washington State. Oddly enough, most have been right feet.

The most recent of which washed up late last week. Charlotte Stevens of B.C was taking a lovely family stroll when her husband spotted something strange in the sand. At first, it looked like a shoe. However, upon closer inspection, it still had a foot in it. According to Stevens, it was just a foot bone.

Like the others, there's no way to know exactly how long the foot was in the later but the regional coroner, Matt Brown, said the exact model of the shoe had gone on the market after March 2013.

No one knows quite why all of these feet are washing up. The Daily Beast posited that once people became aware of the phenomena, they started scanning shorelines for shoes whereas they previously would have ignored them.

Criminologist Gail Anderson of Simon Fraser University highlighted its likely that they are the feet of people who leapt from bridges.

Foul play is not suspected in any of the cases, but it has not been ruled out.

The above picture is unrelated to the cases and was taken by Flickr User Caleb Roenigk and is licensed under Creative Commons.